Journal of Dentistry of Tehran University of Medical Sciences 2017. 14(4):237-245.

Performance of Preschoolers’ Mothers and Senior Dental Students after Receiving Training on Fluoride Varnish Administration
Simin Zahra Mohebbi, Samaneh Razeghi, Zahra Chinipardaz, Hamideh Soleimannejad, Mohammad Javad kharrazifard


Objectives: Fluoride varnish application is an effective way to prevent caries in children. We aimed to educate preschool children’s mothers on how to apply fluoride varnish and compare their performance with dental students and to assess their self-reported competency six months later.

Materials and Methods: Eighty-eight 4-6-year-old children presenting to toy houses of six randomly selected health centers in a non-affluent district of Tehran in 2014 were divided into two groups to receive fluoride varnish by their mothers and students. Mothers and senior dental students participated in a session consisting of lecture, discussion, and demonstration of fluoride varnish application for a child. Then, in three centers, mothers and in others, students applied fluoride varnish for preschoolers and their performance was evaluated. Six months later, mothers were asked to apply fluoride varnish again. Mann-Whitney U test, t-test, one-way ANOVA and logistic regression model were used for statistical analyses.

Results: The mean performance score was 9.74±0.22 (out of 10) for mothers and 9.71±0.15 for students (P=0.89). After six months, the mean performance score was 9.58 for mothers, which was not significantly different from that in the first session. The age and educational level of mothers were conversely correlated to their performance (P<0.05). Of mothers, 96% believed that they were competent to repeat fluoride varnish application for their children.

Conclusions: Mothers’ high performance score and the point that the majority of them felt competent to apply varnish for their children casts light on their potential key role in oral health promotion.


Fluorides; Child, Preschool; Mothers; Oral Health

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