Inducing Dysplasia on Hamster Mucosal Pouch for Further Investigations on Dysplastic Lesions

  • Sara Pourshahidi
  • Elaheh Ghasemzadeh Hoseini
  • Hooman Ebrahimi
  • Mojgan Alaeddini
  • Shahroo Etemad-Moghadam
  • Shiva Shirazian
Keywords: Dysplasia, Premalignant lesion, Hamster, Buccal Pouch, DMBA, Induction


Objective: Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) is  the most common oral neoplasm  and premalignant lesions can potentially convert to SCC. Studying on the predisposing factors and risk factors on this conversion is difficult. For studying on SCC, there are cell-lines and scientist can design their study as in vitro,but premalignant lesions need to be studied in tissue and in vitro studies are impossible.So induction of premalignant lesions is of high value in the research world   and, developing similar conditions in animal studies make these studies possible. Among methods, the model of hamster pouch induction with Dimethyl Benz[a] Anthracene (DMBA) has been more commonly used across different studies.And these studies focus on carcinogenesis and report the production of tumor as the main purpose but here we are to focus on induction of dysplasia to induce a guide for animal studies on dysplastic lesions. The  aim of this pilot study to induce dysplasia to perform further studies on dysplastic lesions.

Method& Material:  Buccal pouch of 10 young hamsters were painted for 10 weeks every other day with DMBA. In the fifth and 10 thweek they underwent histopathologic evaluation.

Results: clinically there was no change till 7 th week and after that there was mucosal thickening histopathologicaly scarified samples in 5 th week demonstrated mild dysplasia and in 10 th week had moderate dysplasia.

Conclusion: We could achieve mild and moderate dysplastic lesions in buccal pouch mucosa of hamster via painting their pouch using DMBA.



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