Vol 5, No 3 (2008)

Table of Contents



Solubility of Three Luting Cements in Dynamic Artificial Saliva PDF XML
H. Hajmiragha, S. Nokar, M. Alikhasi, S. Nikzad, H. Dorriz Pages: 95-98
Fracture Strength and Bending of Fiber-Reinforced Composites and Metal Frameworks in Fixed Partial Dentures PDF XML
M. Sadeghi Pages: 99-104
Ferrule Designs and Stress Distribution in Endodontically Treated Upper Central Incisors: 3D Finite Element Analysis PDF XML
A. Hassan Ahangari, A. Geramy, A. Valian Pages: 105-110
Evaluation of HTLV-1 in Human Subgingival Plaque of Seropositive Patients PDF XML
N. Sargolzaee, HR. Arab, A. Moeintaghavi, M. Radvar Pages: 111-114
A Comparison between Amalgam and MTA in Repairing Furcal Perforation PDF XML
H. Ghanbari, J. Ghoddusi, N. Mohtasham Pages: 115-119
Effect of Silane Solvent on Microtensile Bond Strength of Hy-drogen Peroxide-Treated Fiber Post and Composite Core PDF XML
Sh. Kasraei, Sh. Ebadi, M. Atai, Z. Khamverdi, S. Khajeh Pages: 120-125
Microleakage of Class II Combined Amalgam-Composite Restorations Using Different Composites and Bonding Agents PDF XML
F. Sharafeddin, H. Moradian Pages: 126-130
An In Vitro Comparison ofApical Leakage of Biocalex, White MTA, Gray MTA, and Amalgam as Root-End Fillings PDF XML
P. Ghaziani, Gh. Sadeghi Pages: 132-135