Vol 1, No 3 (2004)

Table of Contents



"Effect of Different Saliva Decontamination Procedures on Bond Strength to Dentin in Single Bottle Systems " PDF XML
M. Ghavam, Sh. Khalaf Pour Pages: 5-10
Evaluation of Interproximal Caries with Using of Bitewing Radiography in Dental Student of Islamic Azad University PDF XML
S. Sahba, AR. Talaeipour, S. Mokhtari Pages: 11-14
"The Comparison Flow of Four Impression Compounds (Green Stick) with ADA Standard " PDF XML
S. Mir Mohammad Rezaei, A. Monzavi, A. Dehghan Naieri Pages: 15-21
"The Study of Dose- Response Mitogenic Effect of L-dopa on the Human Periodontal Ligament Fibroblasts Cells " PDF XML
M. Zarabian, F. Salehipour, SN. Ostad Pages: 22-25
"Bio-oss in Treatment of Furcation Class II Deffects and Comparison with Coronally Positioned Flap " PDF XML
Ak.Khoshkhoo Nejad, SH. Mohseni Salehi Monfared, M. Rooeintan Pages: 26-31
"An In-vitro Evaluation of Effects of Light and Light-Heat Curing Inlay Composite Restorations on Fracture Resistance of Pulpless Maxillary Premolars " PDF XML
M. Mousavinasab, S. Ashrafijoo Pages: 32-37
"Evaluation of Relation between Mercury Concentration in Saliva with Number and Surfaces of Amalgam Fillings " PDF XML
F. Agha Hosseini, P. Begianian Vaziri Pages: 38-42
Chondrosarcoma, A 30 Year Retrospective Study in Cancer Institute Imam Khomeini Hospital and Faculty of Dentistry of Tehran University of Medical Sciences PDF XML
N. Eshghyar; Mohebbi Pages: 43-47
"Comparative Evaluation of the Initial Corrosion of four Brands of High Copper Dental Amalgams " PDF XML
MH. Fathi, V. Mortazavi Pages: 48-55
"An investigation on DMFTand DMFS of first permanent molars in 12-year- old blind children in residential institutes for blinds in Tehran (2000-2001) " PDF XML
M. Ghandehari Motlagh, A. Kohestani Pages: 56-61
"A Histologic Evaluation on Tissue Reaction to Three Implanted Materials (MTA, Root MTA and Portland Cement Type I) in the Mandible of Cats " PDF XML
"H. Razmi, M. Zarrabian, MR. Sharifian, D. Sharifi, F. Sasani, N. Ramezankhani " Pages: 62-69