Frontiers in Dentistry (Formerly known as :Journal of Dentistry of Tehran University of Medical Sciences (JDT)) is the first Iranian dental journal in English. FD is an Open Access, Peer-Reviewed bimonthly journal published by Dental Research Center (DRC) of Tehran University of Medical Sciences which is a dynamic, rapidly growing research center.

The Journal aims to publish novel and high quality relevant information written by peers to researchers and readers involved in all fields of dentistry, oral health sciences and related interdisciplinaries, strives to keep pace with the rapid growth of publications, and move on to the edge of knowledge in this field.

Frontiers in Dentistry encourages submission from General dentists, dental specialists, clinicians, students and postgraduate students of dentistry, as well as researchers and academic members who do research in the field of dentistry and oral health sciences. The journal supports the following types of articles:

  • Original/Research Article
  • Systematic Review/Meta-Analysis
  • Reports including Technical Reports and Case Reports
  • Letter to the Editor


Article-based Publishing Model from Volume 17

To help increase the impact and visibility of articles and their authors to an appropriate audience, We are pleased to announce that, beginning from 2020, articles published through the Article-based Publishing model. This means that articles will be published as soon as possible online without waiting for an issue to be completed; instead they appear straight away in an “Issue in Progress”.   Read more about Article-based Publishing Model from Volume 17

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Volume 17 (IN PROGRESS)
Published: 2020-07-31

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